Release 2023 Wave 2 – Increased the Love

Call me a Geek, Call me a Nerd, I don’t care because either way I (insert heart here) love BC!

And I love what Microsoft is giving us every 6 months! Today my BC was upgraded to Version 23 (Release 2023 Wave 2) and instantly, I’m head over heels more in love!

Two very simple, user friendly, efficient features were added to make us more efficient.

First, I can see which database and company that I’m working in… so now I don’t lose my place!

Second, and something that I’ve been waiting for since the previews that will save clicks! If you are on a record, meaning it’s highlighted in teal, you can press ‘show details’ and you are automatically taken to the master record. This works in many, many places throughout BC.

And I’m discovering new things every day….so excited!

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