Recurring Journals – Reverse Date Calculation

If you have been using Business Central, you are probably acquainted with Recurring Journals. I’ve been using them for years, and users always get upset when I tell them that reversing journals are posted one day after the posting date in the journal. So a reversing journal posted 12/31/21 will reverse 1/1/22. The question is always ‘why can’t I specify the reversal date.’ My answer is, or was, that we just didn’t have a way to do it!

Well….that was then and this is now! We have Reverse Date Calculation!!!

A Reverse Date Calculation is very similar to the Due Date Calculation in Payment Terms. You will need to enter an integer and a time character; for example: 10D is 10 Days, 1M is 1 Month

When the journal is posted, BC takes the posting date and adds the value from the Reverse Date Calculation field to get the posting date for the reversing entries.
You are now in control of the date that your reversing entries post!
Did you know that you can also set an expiration date on recurring journals? My next blog will show a few additional options for recurring journals.

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