Auditors, Auditors, Auditors…..UGH!

We love our auditors, except when they want reports that we don’t have or cannot find….right!

After an Ask the Experts webinar last week with AJ Ansari, Steve Chinsky and Robb Delprado and after assisting a client today, I realized that knowledge about two reports that auditors ALWAYS want is lacking. So here is music for your ears to make your auditors do the happy dance!

Does the following sound familiar?

Auditor: I need a report that shows the general ledger accounts for each vendor transaction and another for each customer transaction.

You: We don’t have such a report but I can sort the general ledger entries by document number for you and give you an Excel spreadsheet.

Auditor: Will the vendor invoice number and customer purchase order number be included?

You: No, those values don’t post to the general ledger.

Auditor: I need this information as soon as possible!

And you feel stuck as you do not know how in the world you are going to pull a year’s worth of customer and vendor transactions together to meet the auditor’s demand.

Well, here’s the answers:

              Day Book Vendor Ledger Entry Report

              Day Book Customer Ledger Entry Report

Example of Day Book Vendor Ledger Entry Report – Note: client name and vendor names are redacted.

The only thing that would make this better is having a Print to Excel toggle. Right now you can Send to Excel (data and layout) but you get an html report in Excel or you can Send to Excel (data only) which you will need to edit a bit to make a usable format. I suggest the latter, save the edited format back into BC so it can be used over and over.

This should solve your auditor’s requirement!

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