New Business Central Financial Reports – Something Everyone Should Know

As most of you know Accounts Schedules are now called Financial Reports in Business Central, version 21 or 2022 Wave 2. The upgrade tool took all the names of Account Schedules and created Financial Reports with those names. Since Financial Reports need a Row definition and a Column Definition, those fields were populated as follows: Row Definition = Account Schedule and Column Definition = Column Layouts.

Before Financial Reports, there was an Overview menu option and that is no longer available. It is replaced by a simple click on the name of the Financial Report. What you will notice is that you do not have the ability to change the Column Definition on this new page.

Now for the issue…When printing Account Schedules, we could select the Account Schedule name which would default a Column Layout if it was defined or we could pick any Column Layout. The current Print Request window offers the same ability but it does not work. The Financial Report’s default Column Definition is always used. Here’s Examples:

No Change to Column Definition
Resulting Report
Changing Column Definition
Same Report

To fix this, you need to create a New Financial Report Record. A new name, same row definition and the desired column definition.

So when you run the new Financial Report:

One more thing, you can print Financial Reports from the Financial Reports List or from search, finding Financial Reports. The Print Request window is different depending where you choose to print from; the search option gives you the ability to change the Column Definition….remember this does not work.

Hope this helps you.

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